Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Kuhlman Electrical Services  provides complete turn-key installation of a broad range of single and multi-vehicle EV charging stations from manufacturers such as Tesla.

  • KES will provide a full inspection of all equipment prior to installation.
  • A site inspection will be performed to ensure equipment is installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • For the quicker-charging EV Charging Station an electrical system upgrade will be done, adding a new dedicated circuit, with a new 40 AMP,  240 Volt circuit and wiring.
  • Your licensed electrician from KES will install your EV Charging equipment to conform to all National Electrical Code and local permit requirements.
  • A start-up inspection will be performed to verify equipment is functioning properly in its operational environment.
  • KES will provide complete information regarding features, correct usage, limitations, necessary maintenance and warranty terms of the EV Charging Equipment.

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