Electrical Services

Commercial or Residential Wiring

We have all your needs covered: from residential electrical work, to commercial electrical installations and everything in between. All of our electricians are friendly and knowledgeable; don’t hesitate to ask a question or inquire about a certain process. We value our customers and our work. KES will strive to ensure your needs always come first.


  • Panel and Service upgrades
  • Kitchen and Bathroom upgrades
  • Thermostat upgrade installation
  • Under cabinet lighting installation
  • Knob and Tube Rewiring
  • BX rewiring

Thermostat Upgrades

WIFI vs Wired thermostats

There are advantages and disadvantages for both products including cost. Our team can discuss the options and what will best work for your home.

WIFI thermostats are great products, allowing you to control your heat and air conditioning from anywhere with your smart phone or tablet. You can also look at the app on your phone and see the current temp in your house at any time. This can be especially helpful if you go away during winter and want to make sure your heating system is operating properly.

Electrical Products

Our guarantee shall repair or replace defective material, equipment, workmanship, and installation that develops in a one year period of installation. This guarantee only covers equipment, material, and labor provided by Kuhlman Electrical Services Inc. Our warranty excludes any material/equipment that the homeowner or general contractor provides. Also excludes non-durable items such as light bulbs and batteries.

USB Outlets
Plug your electronic devices right into the outlet. Faster charging speeds and additional spots for all your devices without the need for the USB transformer.

Motion Sensor Closet Light
Activated when closet door opens with the sensor built into the light. They come with a built in timer that keeps the light on for 2.5 minutes.

LED Under Cabinet Tape Light
Versatile product that can be cut down to any length to fit cabinet spacing. Affordable, easy to use.

Whole Home Surge Protectors
Suppresses most internal, common surges. Can protect homes wiring from voltage surges, spikes and variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I use a wireless smoke detector in my home?

A: Depends on the fire prevention rules of the city or town you live. Currently Salem and Somerville do not allow them.

Q: Do I need to upgrade to a 200A service?

A: Not necessarily. Service is based on load calculations, square footage, electrical appliances, central air, heating system, etc. If you have gas appliances, 100A service can be more than enough. Ask for your load calculations and go from there!

Q: I have flickering lights through my house, what does this mean?

A: Typically, it could be a bad neutral splice, or a hot leg splice. Older homes where the electrical service connects to the power from the street, the connection can start to break down. This is not good and should be checked and fixed as soon as possible.

Q: What is an Arc-fault circuit breaker and dual function arc-fault/GFI circuit breaker?

A: Arc-fault circuit breaker interrupts current when an Arc is detected; tripping the circuit to prevent an electrical fire. An Arc produces heat causing that fire. Dual-Function arc-fault breaker detects current leakage to ground as well as arc-fault to prevent electrical fires. National Electrical Code 2014 requires all 120V lights and outlets to be arc-fault circuit breakers except in certain rooms.

Q: What is the 6′ GFI rule around kitchen sinks?

A: A new code change in the 2014 NEC requires any outlet within 6′ of your kitchen sink MUST be GFI protected.